Currency exchange in Tucson, AZ

Before traveling and arriving in Tucson, AZ , it's essential to know where to get dollars to exchange in a bank or local currency exchange house. Browse the map below to find currency exchange near Tucson, AZ.

In them, you can exchange different currencies and foreign currencies such as Euros, Mexican Pesos, Colombian Pesos, Money Orders, etc.

Where can I exchange currency in Tucson, AZ?

If you are looking for exchange houses, ATMs or banks in Tucson, AZ where you can change to dollars or other foreign currencies, these entities can help you. Do not hesitate to contact them to find out the updated price and requirements for the currency you need to buy.

Wells Fargo Bank

150 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

Bank of America Financial Center

902 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705, USA

National Bank of Arizona

ONE SOUTH CHURCH, 1 S Church Ave #120, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

Chase Bank

947 N Park Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719, USA

Wells Fargo Bank

1303 E University Blvd Rm 145, Tucson, AZ 85719, USA

Chase Bank

2 Congress Street, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

Citibank ATM

885 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85713, USA

Chase Bank

1818 S 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85713, USA

U.S. Bank ATM - Downtown Tucson

1 E Congress St, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

Vantage West Credit Union

801 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85719, USA

Washington Federal

1833 S 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85713, USA

Wells Fargo Bank

145 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85713, USA

U.S. Bank Branch

1 E Congress St, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA


120 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

Tucson AZ

E Downtown St, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

ATM Arizona State Cu

400 W Congress St, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

TIAA Financial Services

One South Church Avenue Suite 1200, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

Bank of America building

33 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA


116-136 W Simpson St, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

Million Dollar Bank

527 W 29th St, Tucson, AZ 85713, USA

Reference prices in exchange houses in Tucson, AZ

🇲🇽 17.68

for 1 Dollar 🇺🇸

🇪🇺 1.09

for 1 Dollar 🇺🇸

🇧🇷 5.43

for 1 Dollar 🇺🇸

🇨🇴 3945

for 1 Dollar 🇺🇸

🇸🇻 8.75

for 1 Dollar 🇺🇸

🇨🇱 910

for 1 Dollar 🇺🇸

🇦🇷 922.75

for 1 Dollar 🇺🇸

🇬🇧 0.77

for 1 Dollar 🇺🇸

🇬🇹 7.76

for 1 Dollar 🇺🇸

The reference values of foreign currency exchange rates are an average among all exchange houses in Tucson, AZ. Please contact your preferred exchange agency to find out the particular value of that exchange house and whether it accepts the foreign currency you wish to exchange.

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  • Where is the best place for currency exchange?
  • It is always advisable to change in official entities such as banks or official currency exchange branches. It is also recommended to take all the security measures (more details below) to be able to exchange dollars without surprises. Keep in mind that some banks only allow their clients to obtain foreign currency. If you are not a customer, it could be an issue.
  • Is it a good idea to travel with Traveler's Checks?
  • They are a waste of time (long queues at slow banks) and money (fees to get them, fees to collect them).
  • Do I have to pay everything in cash or can I use my credit card?
  • Use your card to pay for more substantial items (usually hotel stays, shopping at large stores and restaurants, travel agencies, car/car rental agencies, etc.). Cash may be left for minor expenses or emergencies.
  • If I need cash, should I take it out of the ATM as a cash advance on my credit card??
  • Credit card companies may offer competitive exchange rates, but many charge high commissions and interest rates. Besides, the interest on a cash advance begins immediately when you take the money instead of after the typical interest-free grace period for credit card charges.
  • Is the best exchange rate at the airport?
  • As a general rule, exchange houses at airports almost always end up costing more money than they should be spending. Even if they say they don't charge commissions or fees, they still charge you a much less favorable exchange rate than you would get in a conventional bank.
  • To pay, Can you use Euros in Tucson, AZ? Pounds? Yens? Mexican Pesos?
  • The US dollar is the only currency accepted in Tucson, AZ, and it is unlikely that you will be able to use another currency, even at the airport. The easiest way to get dollars is through an ATM. Most ATMs in Tucson, AZ accept foreign cards.

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